Sunday morning study….

Are we ready for Revelation?  Hope so.

Our first class will be Sunday morning, July 17 in Room 415.  We’ll get our notebooks, worksheets, and go over the first 5 chapters.

If you won’t be in town Sunday morning, you can print the worksheets from below.

Also, if you subscribe or enroll, you’ll get an email notification when new material is available.

Another also, WHEN (not if) you find errors, let me know so I can fix them.  I found a reference to the church in Thessalonica in our flashcards about the 7 churches.  Don’t know HOW that happened.  I found it a couple of weeks after I posted it.

Summary 5


Fill in blank 1 thru 5


lost Rev 5

unscramble 5



We have our first Millionaire game….from the first 5 chapters 🙂

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