Not a test Revelation 17-19

Not only was the material hard this week……

Not only did school start for most students……

Then I made sneaky questions.

Most missed question was question 7.

Next most missed was question 18 (really sneaky).

#2 and #25 tied for next most missed.  And I admit, #25 was very close to a “bad” question.

Revelation 19 not a test

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2 Responses to Not a test Revelation 17-19

  1. Kathy Pierce says:

    Hello! We are getting ready to study revelation and i am wanting something other than our books we have been using. I was on your cite before but now i am having trouble getting the worksheets i was interested in trying. Would you be able to e-mail any revelation material or put me on your list to go back and copy it to try? I would really appreciate it! Thanks! Kathy Pierce

  2. Diana says:

    Sorry to be so slow. I’m an accountant in real life and mostly ignore this website while working.

    I was able to open several worksheets from Revelation just a few minutes ago.

    We did have a server update/replacement 1-3 months ago. The website was down or partly down for almost a week.

    I don’t remember exact dates that happened but hope everything is ok now.

    I can email if it doesn’t work.

    Good luck !!!

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