Not a test 20-22

Wow.  I made HARD questions, very hard questions.

Most missed was question 8, a fairly obscure question.  Two of the answers seemed very reasonable.

Next most missed was question 15, a tricky question.  The city was gold like CLEAR glass.  The street was pure gold like TRANSPARENT glass.

Question 4 was third missed.  Probably because we had the SAME correct answer to two questions in a row.  Sort of sneaky?

I was surprised….we did fairly well on where the names of the tribes and the names of the apostles were written, very few misses.

#19 and #24 were both tricky.  Who would think kings of the earth bring something good to New Jerusalem?  Also question 24 was a a bad question, playing on words.

Overall, we did well with hard, sneaky, and obscure questions.

Not a test Revelation 22

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