Sunday worksheets 19-24

Remember, tomorrow morning, we’ll first answer 25 multiple choice questions from chapters 13-18, then we’ll begin studying the last 6 chapters.

Good news….these 6 new chapters are SHORT 🙂

On the bad news side, Mike missed 5 (five) questions on this test (chapters 13-18) that I thought wasn’t too hard.  I may  need to re-look at a few questions.

Worksheets for Sunday will be distributed in class….but here they are for vacationers, etc.

Also matching people this week has two typos that are worse than misspelled words.

The 6th clue should say, “He was brought by Jonathan to Saul and was in his presence.”  Obvious answer : David

The 3rd from the bottom should have a blank for “Saul” because Saul is the answer.  Oh,  well.

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