Acts – from long ago :)

Worksheets Acts

Questions Acts

These files are big.  Mike scanned all the worksheets into one document and all the multiple choice questions into another document.  This was BEFORE power point.

AND I think we only studied the first 20 chapters in 2001.

Also there’s a strong possibility Sycamore is using a slightly different NKJV now – I never knew before BB that you could study so many different versions of the NKJV (1982, 1982B, etc)

Questions and worksheets we plan to make this year will be from the “official” version.


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2 Responses to Acts – from long ago :)

  1. Nancy Libby says:

    so, will the “official” version be the Biblegateway version of the NKJV?

  2. Diana says:

    It’s whatever Sycamore has on their website 🙂

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